Bird Hunters Africa prides itself on providing a wide variety of the finest bird hunting safaris in Southern Africa. Offering the discerning bird hunter ‘champagne shooting,’ Southern Africa is a haven for wild bird hunting. Part of what sets Bird Hunters Africa apart are the locations we visit.

Each safari covers a variety of habitats, where no day is alike, giving the sport hunter an array of opportunities that are both exciting and varied. This, together with our specialist professional hunting guides and dog handlers, makes for the experience of a lifetime. On your safari, you are sure to experience unparalleled bird hunting that may include: walk up Greywing Partridge, Francolin and Spurfowl shooting over well-trained English Pointers; the thrilling anticipation of driven Guineafowl, as well as flighted Duck and Geese; and, finally, hot-barrel Dove and Pigeon shooting.

Our Bird Guide Professional Hunters have a vast amount of experience and knowledge in guiding bird hunts in Southern Africa, and we pride ourselves on the high standard of our dogs, which include past and present Field Trial Champions. Upland game birds are hunted over English Pointers, while Labradors are used for retrieving downed birds. With Bird Hunters Africa, a true wing shooting adventure awaits you.