Mozambique is situated in the South East of Africa. It is the spirit of African Safaris. You will be rewarded with the awesome sight of vast wilderness areas, unchanged from their past fame as Africa’s greatest hunting lands. As our area has not been trophy hunted for 16 years prior to the hunting area’s being opened 11 years ago, the spectrum and quality of wildlife is quite remarkable. You will hunt in varied terrain, open plains, savannah, sand, forests and swamp.

Our concession area 11, is part of the Marromeu complex and borders the mighty Zambezi river. It is approximately 280 square miles. The area is located in the central part of Mozambique and near the coast.

Hunting season is from the 1st June to the 30th November.

The weather in Mozambique is generally warm all year round. You can expect rain all year round. Average temperatures range from 65f – 85f. Mozambique is a Malaria area and clients must take precautions, It is suggested that you take “Larium” or “Malarone” tablets with your doctor’s approval.