Zambeze Delta Mozambique: General Information : Packing list

Mozambique is generally warm all year round but you can expect rain all year round as well. Average temperatures range from 65°F to 85°F.

  •  2 pairs good quality walking boots or running shoes (worn in)
  •  1 pair swamp boots (Mozambique Buffalo hunts only)
  •  4 pairs good quality socks
  •  3 pairs long hunting pants (Dark Khaki or Olive Green)
  •  3 pairs short hunting pants
  •  3 pairs hunting shirts (Dark Khaki or Olive Green)
  •  1 Realtree coverall with zip
  • 1 hunting jacket – Realtree type cammo (Dark Khaki or Olive Green)
  • 1 warm sweater or jumper
  •  lightweight rain gear for Mozambique
  •  sun screen / cap or hat
  •  casual wear for evenings
  •  personal camera equipment / binoculars / insect repellent
  •  Malaria prophylaxis
  • Skin So Soft by Avon (for Tsetse flies)

For all charter flights we recommend 1 soft case per gun, as hard cases don’t fit into the plane (we will arrange storage at point of departure)

Please Note:

Military type cammo is not permitted in most African countries, but Realtree types are normally accepted. Laundry is done each day except for the days when you change camp and the day of departure