Custom Tours : South Africa : KwaZulu-Natal – Pietermaritzburg

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Pietermaritzburg is home to quaint shops, markets, restaurants, art galleries and museums.  The City of Contrasts is where new blends with old in graceful harmony, nestling within a ring of green hills. This is the town in which the annual Canoe Marathon starts, and is the beginning or ending point of the world-renowned annual Comrades Marathon between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, which attracts about 15 000 participants per year.  The Midlands Meander is the first route of its kind in the country.  It has a fascinating mix of arts and crafts, world-class restaurants and homely comforts.
Midlands Meander is perhaps the most famous arts & crafts route in the country, attracting some of the finest crafters around. Experience warm country hospitality, discover quaint cottage furnishings and unique galleries. Admire the works of talented artists and delight in your beautifully handcrafted acquisition. Enjoy the taste of a local brew or indulge in temptingly rich home bakes. Be inspired by the rare and the wonderful or simply find peace in nature’s beautiful country. Experience the country at its best!