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From the setting wings of an early evening flight of decoyed ducks to the heart-stopping flush of Francolin over quivering English Pointers to the chant of Zulu beaters on a Guineafowl shoot to the numerous shots of incredible variety on a dove shoot to the glide of a giant Spurwing or Egyptian Goose comming into the decoys, we offer a world of wild game bird & waterfowl hunting in one country.

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Anti-poaching by Mark Haldane

There is a strange irony in all of this. Whether we are hunters, anti-hunting, or neutral on the subject, if we exist today the reality is that we are descendants of an ancestor who was a highly successful hunter. Only the strong survived. Whilst many modern humans have lost it, thank heavens, for the sake of conservation, the hunting gene is still strong in some of us. Despite cries of foul play by those critical of the profession or sport, the facts and figures speak for themselves. The most successful comeback of wildlife in the past two decades has been funded by hunters and hunting revenue. The success story can be found in the Zambeze Delta. Zambeze Delta Safaris operating in Coutada 11, has arguably the most successful modern day anti-poaching unit to be found anywhere. In an attempt to learn from the Delta and the contributing factors of its success, Craig Boddington and Conrad Evarts, along with the Zambeze Delta Anti-Poaching Team, are planning the production of a six part television show. They want to tell the story of the often unsung heroes of conservation which is this anti-poaching unit. The documentary will demonstrate how they operate, their methods and the incredible comeback of wildlife in the Zambeze Delta. There will be a strong emphasis on how hunters like you and I have made this possible. Please take four minutes to watch the clip below.

Any assistance in promoting this vital information would be greatly appreciated. Please forward to like-minded friends or post on Facebook.

This is an exciting project for conservation in action - promoted by hunters and hunters alone.

Anti-poaching by Craig Boddington

"In Coutadas 11 and 12, 2.5 million acres of wild Africa in coastal Mozambique, Zambeze Delta Safaris has turned back the clock and done a fantastic job of protecting and recovering the wildlife for 20 years. Today it's almost like it used to be...but human encroachment and poaching pressure continues to build. The need to help to maintain their effective anti-poaching efforts, and this project is the best way to get the word out!”

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